Carpet Cleaning Katy


Carpet Cleaning Katy Tx

Carpet Cleaning Katy

Carpet Cleaning Katy Tx

Most carpet cleaning companies in katy clean your carpet with a standard wand which can force the dirt deeper into your carpet and take up to 6 to 8 hours to dry. Pristine Carpet Cleaning of Katy Tx. has been provide professional carpet cleaning to surrounding areas like Katy, Richmond, Rosenberg, and Cypress Tx. with the best and the deepest cleaning around. Very few carpet cleaning companies that services all of these areas can claim to be a professional service. Why? Because their carpet cleaning standards’ are far from ours. With a standard wand cleaning their is no water control button. This means that when that leaver is pressed, water is forced out with no control and this is doing your carpet more harm than good. After your carpet and padding does finally dry, the dirt that was forced down will rise back up to the surfaces & you will have a odor of mildew that comes from over wetting.


Carpet Cleaning


The Standard Wand



standard wandThe tool to your left is what most katy carpet cleaners use when claiming to be one of the best carpet cleaning companies in katy. The standard wand has been around for decades and will never fade away in todays world. Times have changed, and with change better carpet cleaning equipment have been created and design for a deeper and better carpet cleaning. Read our reviews hosted by and you will see why we have the best 5 star carpet cleaning Katy reviews.


The Rotovac Powerwand



rotovac powerwandTo your right we have the Rotovac Powerwand, This cleaning tool is the best of the best. It was created for the deepest cleaning that you could possible receive. No more bad odors from over wetting, and your carpet will be dry within 2 hours or less. So the question is,”why aren’t all carpet cleaning companies using this tool in katy as well”? The standard wand cost is 3 to 5 hundred dollars. The Rotovac Powerwand cost is 2,195.00 bucks. A big difference in price for sure, but a much bigger difference in carpet cleaning. If you haven’t called Pristine Carpet Cleaning Katy yet (281-204-3047) then it’s not clean. We wouldn’t clean any other way, and neither should you!

What Makes Carpet Cleaning Katy by Pristine Carpet Cleaning Better?




We put the customer first by using the newest technology on the market. We could be like all the other carpet cleaning companies in Katy and use a standard wand while cleaning your carpet, but we go above and beyond the rest. Read our carpet cleaning katy reviews & you be the judge. Please watch the video to your top right.

Carpet Cleaning Katy Pristine carpet cleaning Katy


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